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Advantages to Condo Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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By : Tom Budniak    99 or more times read
Mexico real estate sector has evolved in last few years tremendously. The property sector has strived to cater to needs of discerning international investors who expect and demand world class facilities and innovations. One such trend has been condo living in Mexico. Condo concept is very popular all over the world and every year people are increasingly adopting this option. So, why is condo living so sought after globally? What benefits and improvement in lifestyle quality does condo living offers that has caught fancy of home owners and investors both? Reasons are not too difficult to see. Every year thousands of home owners, families & individuals looking for second vacation homes and investors have fueled the growth of Mexico Real Estate. Let us list few distinct advantages of condo units over conventional homes.

  1. Location, location, location: Most condo projects are located at prime location of a city. In Puerto Vallarta for instance, most condominium buildings and infrastructure are situated within a city or close to it. So the Condos in Puerto Vallarta have easy access to facilities like hospitals, restaurants, malls and schools etc. This is also good for professionals since their offices are not far enough and they can reach to their workplace without long hours of commuting.

  2. Facilities: All condominium projects in Puerto Vallarta Mexico come full equipped with all basic and luxury amenities and facilities. Parking lots, gyms, spa, tennis courts and pools are some of the amenities that come most of time with the condo units. Other recreational and entertainment facilities may be available depending on the project scope and cost.

  3. Management: Since, condos are managed by condo management companies, all condo units have administrators who are in charge of upkeep and maintenance of the property. All housekeeping and other needs like plumbing, electricity and cleaning of outdoor and common areas are handled by property management company. In a standalone home, the owner has to take care of these things and this could be a big hassle if you are not a local and the home is a vacation home. Condo unit are better option as experts handle and oversee all the maintenance for you for a fee.

  4. 24*7 security: All condominium buildings are full secured and well protected. The condo units are equipped with advanced security features to ensure the safety and well being of each occupant inside the building. Electronic surveillance devices and alarms along with well-trained and highly-skilled guard services 24*7 keep the residents safe from outside dangers round-the-clock.
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