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5 Reasons Why You Must Install Electric Gates

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Automated electric gates provide genuine security benefit to the owner of a property. When a video or audio intercom is used in combination with an electric gate, it gives an extra form of access to your property. An electric gate can be controlled remotely from a considerable distance. Earlier, such gates were an object of luxury reserved for the wealthy. Modern technologies have provided more affordable options for electric gates. Government institutions, ranches, farms, resorts, leisure parks, and industries were main customers of electric gates but with the lowering of costs, many people are increasingly fortifying their homes with the security of electric gates.

There are many reasons why you should install an electric gate, such as:

Privacy: Electric gates keep off unwanted visitors, salesmen, and burglars. You can identify the person by audiovisual communication and decide if you will let him in or not. Wooden electric gates do not have bars like steel or wrought iron ones, thus, providing more privacy to the owner, as an outsider cannot peep through it.

Security: When you secure your property with a fence or boundary wall and the main gate of the driveway remains open, it makes little sense in terms of security. The premises of a property that has been secured by high wall or fence should have an automated electric gate to ensure that it remains closed and secured. An electric gate ensures that your children and pets remain within the boundaries of the property. If your driveway remains closed when not in use, unauthorized parking and using for turning of motors can be prevented by installing electric gates. If you have ranches or farmhouses in rural areas, electric gates help to keep off the wild animals from entering the limits of your property. Electric gates can be equipped with a surveillance system to enhance the security cover.

Convenience: Many properties have huge gates on the main driveway that are ornamental. Such gates are heavy and difficult to open and close each time you pass through them. So most of the time it is either open or a substitute side gate is used. This causes much inconvenience as well as security hazards. If it is raining heavily or you have returned from a hard day’s work, it is simply irritating to get down from the car and open those heavy gates, drive in and close them again. A handheld remote control of the electric gates can make it simpler. You can open the gate and close it from your car.

Savings: To maintain security of the property and ensure the gates remain closed when not in use, you have to hire personnel from a security agency. Now you can get rid of that bill from security agency by installing an electric gate. Major home insurers would offer a discount to the premium when an electric gate is part of the security system of your house.

Aesthetic Value: A gorgeous electric gate system adds extra status points to your property. Other than securing your property and impressing the neighbours it also adds value to your home. You have a greater feeling of safety and enjoy the luxury of opening and closing the gate at your convenience.

After considering all the benefits of electric gates, if you decide to install it in the main driveway of your property, make sure you hire experienced professionals who are long in the business. Depending upon the space available and design, you may opt for a ‘swing’ model or a ‘sliding’ electric gate.
Mr Graham Driver is an expert in electric gates and provides useful installation tips.

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