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What Type of Water Heater is the Most Efficient?

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
The water heater is among the most important devices we have at home. It is among the things that gives us comfort. We use it when we cook, clean and bath. Because of this, it is only right that we are careful whenever we decide to purchase a water heater. One of the main criteria should be efficiency. When the device is efficient, we are able to save on our monthly bills. We are also able to help the environment.

There are a lot of types of heaters in the market today. The many choices available make it difficult for consumers to make the right choice. It can be confusing to decide which to get with all the new features they present.

To make the right choice, you have to understand first the need of your home. Consider its size and the available fuel source. The different types of fuel are oil, electricity, gas and propane. Small units require small devices. However, you cannot expect the same device to be efficient when the house is big.

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of heaters in the market. In order to identify how efficient they are, check its EF or the Energy Factor. High EF means that the device is efficient. Aside from the EF, you should also check the First Hour Rating or the FHR. This on the other hand refers to the amount of water the device can heat during the busiest hour of the day.

If you are looking for an efficient device check out the storage water heater as well as the demand water heater. You can also consider the heat pump water heater and the solar water heater.

The storage heater keeps gallons of warm water so that you will have something to use when you need it. This is pretty efficient. It has a drawback though as energy is used to maintain the gallons of water warm.

You may also have the demand water heater. Another term for this is tankless water heater. It does not utilize a tank because it does not store water. What happens is that water is heated when the need for it arises. However, the warm water it can provide is limited. This means that this is not a good choice for big household unless multiple units are installed. This works best for small homes or in units with single occupancy.

Another choice you have is the heat pump water heater. In order to heat the water, the device utilizes the warm air around it. This is most efficient during the warm seasons.

You can also opt for the solar water heater. This is very efficient since it utilizes the energy from the sun. You can easily install this as it can go with the architectural design of your home. It is more expensive to install this though. However, you will surely save more in the long run.

When deciding to purchase a water heater, always keep efficiency in mind. If your water heater is efficient, you will save more on your bills. In addition, you will also help save the environment.
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