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How to Find Home Foreclosures?

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By : Fiona Livnat    99 or more times read
Home foreclosures or foreclosed homes are homes that have been taken over by the lender when the homeowner defaults in paying back the availed mortgage loan amount. The number of foreclosed homes for sale has rapidly increased in the past couple of years. This is attributable to the buying pattern which depicts that the homeowners take mortgage loan to buy the property and their inability to pay back results in the property being foreclosed by the lender.

For potential buyers and investors, home foreclosures offer tremendous scope for making a profitable investment as the lenders are keen on recovering their loses as soon as possible, and hence sells the foreclosed properties at discounted prices, ranging from 30 to 50 percent lesser than the actual value.

For making the right kind of investment, it is essential to know about various available home foreclosures as a wider choice will help the buyer in making a sound decision. Proper research and adequate knowledge is a pre-requisite for buying foreclosed homes.

Following ways will help in finding home foreclosures:

  1. Internet: Search online for foreclosure listings. Various enterprises dealing in real estate provide comprehensive foreclosure listings for home foreclosures. You can select the desired State and accordingly locate the property that appeals to you. If you are a real estate investor and will be dealing in foreclosed properties often, then subscribing to newsletters is a good idea.

  2. Banks: In majority of the foreclosures that take place, the lender is usually the banks. So inquiring with banks about available foreclosed properties will help you in getting the most updated information.

  3. Governmental agencies: Look up for Housing and Urban Development website to locate foreclosed properties in your State. Websites of various other governmental agencies are also a good source to get information.

  4. County clerk’s office: When the lender forecloses a property, it has to be registered with county clerk’s office. So they have the details about all the foreclosures which have taken place. Contact county clerk’s office to locate available foreclosures.

  5. Newspapers and Magazines: Look up in real estate magazines and advertisements in newspapers to know about current foreclosures.

  6. Find a realtor: Realtor who has good experience of dealing in foreclosed properties will be the best source for getting the latest information on available foreclosures. Further, he will also be able to guide you on how to go about with purchasing the foreclosed property.
As a lot of home foreclosures are sold through auctions, it is very important to have updated information about the available foreclosures well before the auction date, so that you can register yourself in time. So make sure that you conduct proper search in finding foreclosed homes. For more details please visit

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