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What Can You do if You Have Not Been Able to Sell Your House?

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By : marco benavides    99 or more times read
There are some very simple things that you can do if your house has been sitting in the market for a while now and you cannot seem to sell it. You need to ask yourself some serious questions about your home and the solution to your problem will be evident:

What is the condition of the house you are trying to sell? It may be that your house is in excellent shape but it does not look the part because of simple cosmetic issues. Therefore, some paint and brushes, cleaning supplies, a lawn mower, a carpet cleaner and some tidying up in the back yard will help your house “show” the way that you want it to, just the same way that you would like to look your best if you were trying to create a great first impression.

Is your house already in the best possible condition that it can be? Well, then you definitely have to consider that you may have priced yourself right out of the market. Setting the price way too high on your home is a real sales killer. You may think that your home is beyond compare, but it really is not. It has a price and that price is determined by the buyer rather than the seller. You need to know what houses are going for in your particular location so that you do not kill your sale before you even begin.

Are you fighting the competition or real estate market conditions? Real estate market conditions are affected by a number of factors which include, in part, the local economy, interest rates and public opinion. You have to know whether there is a seller’s or buyer’s market in your particular area because you may be trying to sell in a flat market where there is an excess supply of houses and not much demand. If you are in a buyer’s market, it is especially important to make your house stand out and above all those unsold houses in your area. There are other comparable houses for sale in your area, so the buyer has to have a reason to choose your house over all the other houses he/she has been considering.

How anxious are you to sell your house? If you are not in a real hurry to sell your house, then it may be a good idea to take it off the market and relist it in a couple of months with a new agent or brokerage firm. Conditions and prices may change during that time, and your house will get a new listing number. If your house is not in optimal showing conditions, then this respite will give you time to make some changes to make it look better for prospective buyers. After all, it is the person walking through the door of your house who will decide if your house is worth the price. You need to make it as attractive and enticing as possible so that you can sell your house. If not, it may languish in the listings just as it has been doing all this time.
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