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How to Invest in Bank Foreclosures?

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By : Fiona Livnat    99 or more times read
Bank foreclosures comes into existence when the property owners fails to pay back the bank held mortgage loan, and on doing so, the bank forecloses their property in order to reclaim the lost loan amount. Bank foreclosures are also known as real estate owned (REO) foreclosures.

Selling the foreclosed property enables the banks to recover their losses and proves to be a good investment option for potential buyers. It is interesting to know that banks are not keen on making a profit by selling these properties as these are expensive to maintain. They only try to recover as much amount as they can, hence it provides incredible opportunity for investors to negotiate the price and get the best deals.

Bank foreclosures can be bought at prices 30 to 60 percent lesser than the market value, so it is definitely a good investment option to be explored not only by real estate investors, but also by first time buyers who wish to buy a good property at low prices.

Following steps are involved in investing in bank foreclosures:

  1. Locate foreclosed properties: Banks advertise the sale of foreclosed properties in newspapers or sometimes hand over the advertising to real estate agencies. So explore all resources to gather information about the latest foreclosures to make the most out of it. Contacting the bank itself will enable you to get the most updated information.

  2. Careful inspection: Once you have decided on the property of your interest, visit the property and carefully inspect it to calculate extra costs which will be incurred.

  3. Realistic offer: Make realistic offer considering all aspects like expected market rate, additional expenses that you will have to incur and your finances.

  4. Ascertain the profitability: Calculate how much you will need to spend to buy the foreclosed property and what is its estimated market value. The difference of the amount is your profit margin. If you are convinced about the profitability, then go ahead and proceed with making the purchase.

  5. Finance: One advantage of buying bank foreclosures is that you can seek financial assistance from the bank selling the foreclosed property to secure the required loan.

  6. When your offer is accepted by the bank, then proceed with signing the purchase and sales contract. Consult an attorney if you think you need assistance. Ensure that you get a clear title, and a property free from any sort of encumbrances.
Buying bank foreclosures is considered as one of the safest ways of buying foreclosed properties, as the buyer gets a clear title as on foreclosure, title gets transferred to the bank, and when you purchase bank foreclosures, bank transfers the title in your favor. For more details please visit

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