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Repossed houses for sale – A better option to invest in

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People wishing to become home owners in a budget friendly manner can be benefited by buying repossessed houses for sale. In this article we will discuss about what are these houses and why they are cheap.

Home equity mortgages are approved to borrowers when they place their home (immovable property) against the loan amount. Their homes stand as the security for the lenders regarding payback of money in the mutually agreed time. Mortgage is a deed of mutual trust and any breach of this trust on borrower’s part will force the lender to initiate foreclosure process. On the property under home equity loan, both borrower and lender enjoy equitable rights of redemption. Foreclosure or repossession process aims at depriving the borrower from this equitable right.

In United States and many European countries, foreclosure can be done through judicial intervention and work of place rights. Repossessed homes come under judicial foreclosure. Here, the lender (be a bank or private lender) files a plea suite in the court of law regarding the irregularity and inability of the borrower to repay the borrowed money with interest. After it, court summons all parties involved with the property. While taking a final decision regarding foreclosure, court gives priority to keep the interest of lenders, lien holders and borrowers in a descending order.

Why the number of repossessed houses is increasing?

The major factor behind phenomenal growth of repossessed houses in US is the current global economic recession. It has created havocs in the job market in the forms of instability, pink slips and zero increment. But, the price of commodities is increasing. This has created a precarious situation where Americans are finding it tough to repay the debt burden they owe. Along with, unavailability of easy credit is also creating further mess. Due to the above two factors the number of foreclosed and repossessed houses for sale are increasing.

Benefits of buying repossessed houses:

The single most important benefit of buying these houses is their lower price compared to market price. You can buy them at least 10% lesser than the market price. As they are sold through auction, you get the power to bargain. You can move to the house instantly after buying as they are already repossessed. With little renovation, you can sell them (if you are a realty investor) and get higher return on your investment.
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