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Tennessee Foreclosures – Trends and process in brief

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The growth of Tennessee foreclosures is a result of global economic crisis and doldrums prevailing at the job market. Maintaining regularity with the repayment schedule of home equity loans is now tougher for Tennessee homeowners in such a situation. According to statistics of a renowned real estate website, 3,531 new foreclosures were initiated in the month of September. Now the number of available foreclosed properties in Tennessee is around 23,037. This number includes both commercial and residential properties. These properties cost around $161,319 which is 39% lower compared to the price of fresh ones. In this write-up, we will discuss on popular foreclosure methods in Tennessee and a guideline to buy them in a hassle free manner.

Be it a residential or a commercial property foreclosure, power of sale is the most prevalent one in Tennessee. This is due to the title theory status of the state. Power of sale is an integral clause of loans against property. As per this clause, the lender is a lien holder of the property till the borrower does not repay the loan amount with interest completely. The loan is backed by mortgage or a deed of trust. When the borrower breaches the trust, the lender initiates foreclosure to get back his money. However, it is not an instant process. The lender has to give ample notice and time to the borrower for repayment of the borrowed amount. As judicial intervention is not required for this process the measures applied here are more stringent.

Auction is the only way to buy residential and commercial property foreclosure. You can buy these properties through the process of auction. All information related to the auction can be found from newspaper displays and real estate websites. Before auction, all prospective bidders have to deposit a security. The auction takes place all week days (except court holiday). Here the highest bidder has the right to possess the property subject to payment of the rest amount within the grace period. Otherwise his deposit is canceled.

All information related to Tennessee Foreclosures for sale is available at internet. Real estate websites can offer you all relevant tips related to buying these properties. The first step in this regard is inspecting the concerned property to assess the current status of it and required renovation. You need to make sure that the previous owner has vacated the property. Financing option is limited to buy these properties. Hence make sure that you have the required cash or you can arrange them within the grace period.
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