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The process of buying properties from Alabama Foreclosure Listings

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Power of sale is the predominant method of disposing foreclosed property appearing at Alabama Foreclosure Listings. Though this process does not require intervention of the court of law, stern measures are practiced to maintain transparency. They are interim notice to the borrower to repay, foreclosure advertisements in the local newspapers and sale through auction in presence of the sheriff. The foreclosure sale occurs usually between 11AM and 4PM on all week days except court holidays. In this write up we will discuss about the process of foreclosure sale in Alabama and how foreclosure agents make your purchase hassle free.

Foreclosure process is initiated by the lender while the borrower makes gross default in the repayment of loan against property. At the time of loan approval, the mortgage or deed of trust is signed by both lender and the borrower. This mortgage makes the lender equal lien holder of the property and offers him the right to initiate foreclosure when the borrower fails in repayment of the loan amount with interest. Before initiating the process, the lender has to give a 20 days notice to the borrower for full repayment. If the borrower repays, the foreclosure comes to an end. Otherwise, the attorney of the lender files notice of sale in the public trustee. After the approval of the public trustee, the notice appears at local newspapers for three weeks. Before the auction date, the borrower has also the chance to make the full payment and foreclosure cost to stop it.

Foreclosure agents represent you on behalf of the office in charge of foreclosure sale. The sale is done through the process of auction in presence of sheriff. Here, the highest bidder gets the chance to pay the money and take the possession. The payment needs to be done within the grace period. Otherwise, the highest bidder looses his right on the property and his deposit is ceased.

There are several advantages of buying properties from Alabama Foreclosure Listings. They are cheaper compared to fresh properties and with little renovation you can enhance their equity. They are good long term investment options. Government foreclosure properties are cheaper compared to bank owned ones. You can find the list of government and bank foreclosed properties free of cost from real estate websites. Along with this, these websites also offer buying tips.
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