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Atlanta real estate development remains strong

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On October 2005, a brownfield steel plant site was redeveloped into an urban district. Now it is popularly known as the Atlantic station. As of early 2006, Mayor Franklin envisioned to set up a 14-block stretch shopping destination on Peachtree street in Midtown Atlanta that rivaled Rodeo Drive located in Beverly Hills and the Magnificent Mile located in Chicago. This shopping destination is now nicknamed the Midtown Mile.

Currently, Atlanta is in the midst of a retail and construction boom. The city is busy with 60 new high rise and mid rise buildings that have been proposed and/or under construction since April 19, 2006.

The Atlanta government is also helping its poor residents find suitable places to live. With the demolition of the housing projects that used to foster drugs, crime and poverty, it is now being replaced with fashionable shops, golf courses and other developments that are geared towards family.

Atlanta housing projects have been going on for more than 15 years. Originally known as the Techwood Homes project in 1936, it was proclaimed as useful work under government supervision by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was suppose to be the first step in creating a safety net for the destitute populace of the Depression.

Now, housing officials across Atlanta have been tearing down these projects where some 1.2 million families live. These houses are then replaced with higher-rent and subsidized apartments and homes. Atlanta officials expect to finish the last of their extensive projects by June.

Previous residents of demolished housing projects are given vouchers by the government for privatized and healthier living conditions. However, this move has sparked debate. Some poor advocates worry that not everyone is subsidized well enough. And that more families are dumped on the street, left homeless, all because of this ambitious overhaul.

However, the Atlanta Housing Authority defends that of the 92,000 units demolished, all have been replaced with traditional public housing. Its former residents have also received vouchers to be placed in privately owned homes that are secure and well maintained. Whether this move is positive or not, cities like Boston and Los Angeles are following Atlantaís lead in decentralizing poverty.

With progress in Atlanta real estate, the government is also taking environmental protection seriously. Having a reputation of being a City of Trees or City in the Forest, Trees Atlanta was formed in 1985. The unit has already planted and distributed over 68,000 and more shade trees all over the metropolis. Now, Atlanta is pleased that beyond its business district, it has a dense canopy of woods that spread across the suburbs as its skyline.

Atlanta homes vary in size, they can be: condominiums, apartments or Victorian structures, nevertheless they are safe, cozy and well kept. With a neighborhood sprawling with trees, itís difficult not to love the city. Atlanta can grow on anyone. The progress of the city, the history it has, together with its cultured, educated people --- Atlanta is home.
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