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Buying a House Free and Clear: Itís Money in the Bank

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By : Alan Brymer    99 or more times read
Buying houses and property free and clear is like putting cash in your pocket and money in the bank. Why? Itís simple. A free and clear property doesnít have a mortgage so you donít have to come up with the money month after month to pay for the mortgage. That means more profits for you. And letís face it, in the real estate investment game itís all about the bottom line. Give yourself a head start with a profitable bottom line by focusing on free and clear properties.

When you buy a house with no mortgage, the money you collect from rent (if you decide to rent) can go anywhere you want that money to go. Thatís the beauty of free and clear property. You donít have an existing mortgage to worry about and that means the money you make goes where you say it goes. For example: you get your monthly rent check. Some of the rent goes to you, some goes to seller, and maybe some goes for property improvements. Take the mortgage factor out of the equation your options are wide open.

Plain and simple, mortgages stink. When you donít have to worry about paying the bank, you are putting money in your bank. Free and clear properties are one of the smartest investment moves you can make.

When you are out there looking for properties, youíre going to do marketing to find the best deals. Youíre already out there anyway, so why not advertise to people who own their homes free and clear. Makes sense, doesnít it? Why waste your precious marketing resources on probates, foreclosures, or people who are behind on their payments. Thereís real money to be made with free and clear propertiesÖ and those properties are out there just waiting to be found. By targeting the free and clear home owners, you will be able to use your resources wisely and put money in the bank quicker and faster than other investment methods.

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