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How to Purchase Bank Owned Foreclosures?

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By : Iwona Filetti    99 or more times read
Bank owned foreclosures are the most reliable option when it comes to purchasing foreclosed properties. The involvement of the bank facilitates safety in terms of title to the property. When a bank forecloses a property on non payment of mortgage amount by the borrower, the title gets transferred to the bank, and when you purchase bank owned foreclosures, bank transfers the title in your favor.

Bank owned foreclosures are also known as real estate owned (REO) foreclosures. They offer an excellent opportunity for prospective buyers to make a profitable investment as the bank is not keen on making a profit, but wants to recover the unpaid loan amount. As a result, they are up for sale at prices much lower than the prevailing market rates.

Following points will guide you in purchasing bank owned foreclosures:

  1. Conduct extensive search: Look for listings of available foreclosed properties. Banks usually advertise in newspapers or through real estate agencies. The best source to get most accurate and up to date information is to contact the bank directly.

  2. Background research on the property: On locating a property of your interest, find out itís actual worth in current market. A comparative market analysis will help you to ascertain the ideal offer price which you should make for purchasing the foreclosed property.

  3. Thorough inspection: Visit the property and carefully inspect it to ascertain all kinds of expenses that you will have to incur on making the purchase. This will also influence the offer price.

  4. Make the offer: It is important that you make a realistic offer after keeping all aspects like prevailing market price, your financial capability and additional expenses which will be incurred.

  5. Determine the profitability: See how profitable will this investment turn out for you. No one wants to invest in a loss making venture, so to ensure that you have a good profit margin, carefully place the offer at a price lower than the prevailing market rate. The difference of price between the market price and offer made is your profit margin.

  6. Arrange your finances: You will need to make a partial payment on acceptance of your offer by the bank, and the remaining will be paid by the institution from where you secure the loan. You can seek financial assistance from the bank selling the foreclosed property to secure the loan.

  7. Paperwork: Consulting an attorney or a realtor will ease out the legal compliance involved in purchasing the foreclosed property. On acceptance of offer, proceed with signing the contract and ensure that you get a clear title to the property.

Bank owned foreclosures are available for sale at discounted rates of up to 20 to 40 percent lesser than the market value. This makes it a good investment option for real estate investors as well as first time buyers who want to purchase a good property at affordable prices.
Iwona Filetti is a writer with an eye for detail. She writes on several niche after a thorough research and understanding, her motto is to give beneficial information so all sections of society benefit from her writing.For more details please visit bank owned foreclosures.

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