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Benefits of a Home Warranty Can Help Both Buyers and Sellers

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By : marco benavides    99 or more times read
In real estate, it is usually said that it is a transaction between A, the homeowner and B, the homebuyer. Therefore, there can only be one person who comes out ahead in the end. This type of thinking really makes for a cutthroat type of approach where everyone looks out for his/her own interests. Both parties involved in a real estate transaction have a considerable stake on the outcome of the sale and neither party wants to lose more money or pay more money than they really have to in order to get the deal done.

However, when you think of home warranty benefits, you can actually say that both parties will benefit so that there will be no winners or losers. Considering how hard the real estate market has been hit by the negative financial situation that has loomed over the country's economy, it is good to know that there are still things that homeowners can do to make a home more attractive and valuable.

Yes, a home warranty does actually make a home more attractive to a buyer and perhaps more valuable. If you consider two houses which are essentially the same, the one that will stand out is the house that has a warranty on systems and built-in appliances. This is what a home warranty covers. It is not home insurance, but when added to home insurance, it certainly makes a home stand out even more in the selling process.

If you are a homeowner, try putting yourself in the buyer's shoes for a moment and you will see why your home would be more attractive. All you have to do is go back and remember the apprehension you felt when you bought your first home. What kind of home inspection report did you receive? Did the home have major issues when you bought it? Did you have to spend a lot of extra money fixing major issues which would have been covered by a home warranty? Well, I guess the point lies in the fact that a home warranty will generally cover plumbing and wiring so that both you and the seller can rest easier if there is a problem. How old are the appliances in the house? Have you already had to pay to repair some of them?

There are many people who do not want to move into a house and have to start spending money in buying appliances, and especially not during these trying times. It will benefit a homeowner to cover the systems and built-in appliances with a home warranty. It will certainly give more assurance to a buyer who is having doubts about buying a house that might need major repairs six months down the line.

It all comes down to both parties having a bit of peace of mind and being able to concentrate on other matters. After all, anyone who has bought a home knows that there are many things involved and that peace and tranquility can really help you get organized and approach things from a much better perspective. After all, what's an extra $50 or $60 per month, which is what an average warranty will cost, if you are going to be able to rest a little bit easier?

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