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Marketing to Sellers Online: Target Market Number One for Investors

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By : Alan Brymer    99 or more times read
Marketing online is a great resource for finding more sellers. Having an online presence will help sellers find you. Your first target market when going online is sellers. You’re here to help solve the seller’s problem: selling their property. To effectively reach sellers, you need to know a few things before you get started.

  1. What are the seller’s needs. The reason you want to know their needs is so you will know everything about their situation up front, from the very first contact with you. You’re there to solve the seller’s problems, if they are the kind of seller you are looking for. If the seller isn’t motivated to sell their property, these aren’t the people for you. Know your seller’s needs before you get too far down the road and waste your time on a dead-end lead.

  2. Write your website in language that meets the seller’s needs. You want to know their needs so you can write the language that appeals to them. What kind of language would appeal to someone who want to solve their problems? Words like “fast,” “peace of mind,” “fast closing,” and “you’re in good hands” often meet the need.

  3. Be the solution. You need to let the seller, especially online, know that you are on their side. You want to buy their property. Your goal with sellers is to buy their house, but before you get to that point you have to get the seller to take action. Your website should communicate with the seller, persuading them to take action — and to take action with you. Get the seller to fill out an online form or leave their contact information. That’s the first step to getting sellers to sell you their property.

Marketing to sellers online can be a tricky thing to accomplish. If you’ve ever talked to an unmotivated seller, you know it’s not much fun. Know your seller’s needs, market to your seller, and be the solution to their problems and you’ll be able to find the right sellers for you.

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