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Marketing to Buyers: Target Market Number Two for Investors

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By : Alan Brymer    99 or more times read
Marketing online is a great resource for finding more buyers. Having an online presence will help buyers find you. But not just any buyer; you’re looking for the right buyer. Follow a few simple steps to find the perfect buyer online for your next property.

  1. Know your buyer’s needs. Much like sellers, you need to know the buyer’s information up front. The buyer has a need that needs to be met… they want a house. To figure out if the buyer is serious, and the kind of buyer you want to continue working with, know the buyer’s needs from the first contact.

  2. Find your target buyer. Try this. Picture everyone who online looking to buy a property as being part of a huge dartboard. You want to hit the bull’s eye. This is a small group in the center who is your perfect target buyer. The perfect buyer is willing to pay more than market value and doesn’t give you the run around. The perfect buyer takes what you have to offer.

  3. Look for buyers with money. Sounds obvious, right? But you need to find buyers with large amounts of money. The money goes towards a down payment or monthly payments if you’re looking at a lease option. This buyer has a very specific need—to get into a home.

  4. Target the buyer who wants a house. Another obvious one, but you need to find the buyer who is ready to buy a house… now. There are many buyers who will contact you online because they need to get into a home. They want to have a piece of the American dream. And you have the solution for them.

  5. Get contact information. Every buyer that ever contacts you should leave you their contact information. An email or phone number is essential, not just for finding a property now, but for also communicating about future properties for sale. If they only go to your website, look around and leave it, does you no good. You need to be able to contact the potential buyer.

When you’re targeting buyers online, remember that your marketing is just a mean to accomplishing your goals. By following these simple steps, you will find motivated buyers online and be able to move your property faster.

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