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Credit Repair- Should You Pay To Have Your Credit Fixed or Do It On Your Own

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By : Darin Sewell    99 or more times read

Got a Low FICO Score That Needs Improving?

The number one question that most people with bad credit usually ask would have to be is credit repair possible and can it work for me? The answer to that question is yes credit repair works and it can work for almost anyone, however everyone's results will be different.

How Should I Fix My Credit Scores

The process of fixing your credit scores can be accomplished one of two ways. You can either pay a company to do it for you or you can perform do it yourself credit repair. both methods have positives and negatives associated with them as I will explain below.

Using a Paid Service

The only real advantage to having a service do your credit clean up is that it saves you time, the drawbacks however are numerous! The biggest drawback to paying a company to repair your credit is that it normally costs a lot of money. How much you ask, well most credit improving companies charge a set up fee that can range from $25 up to $100. Then they also charge a monthly fee that averages about $75 per month. So if your credit report takes them 6 months to fix then it could cost you over $500.

Plus because they work on a monthly fee most credit clean up firms want the process to take a little longer then necessary in order to make more money. In addition their work is rarely backed by any significant guarantee. In fact almost all of the contracts will state that as long as they improve just one account they have done their job!

Fixing Your Own Credit Scores

This is probably the best way to get it done for most people as the methods behind fixing credit are pretty straight forward and the methods you will use are the same as a paid companies. It really just involves using a calculated plan of attack to use the credit laws to your advantage.

Even if you have no clue how to clean up your report you can easily buy a good self credit repair course online. The average price is between $35 and $99. There is even a Credit Repair Software that can help you do the whole process right from your PC!

You will however have to invest some time and effort into the process but in realistic terms it can be done effectively in just a few hours a week, obviously the more you work on it the faster it will improve! So for under $100 you can fix your own credit the same way a paid service who is charging you 5 or 10 times that much would.

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