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The Importance of Home Staging

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By : Liane Canonigo    99 or more times read
Many sellers have asked whether home staging is really necessary or not. People who have sold their homes faster and at a better profit say that it is, indeed, important. Nonetheless, there are still some skeptics who believe that home staging does little in a potential buyer’s final decision of purchasing. But, what really is home staging and will it truly hasten the process of selling a house?

Home staging is the act of preparing a home that is for sale towards a potential buyer. In order to attract interest in the buyer, staging gives special attention to the improvement of the aesthetics of the home. The first step is to make sure that the home is as clean and spick-and-span as possible. Every nook and space ought to be free from clutter or any undesirable disorder. You should pack and keep away anything that is dirty, smelly and not necessary for the showing. The next step would be to check that there is more than enough space for people to move around the house without having to weave around excess furniture or objects. This creates a perception that the house is bigger, wider, tidier, livable and totally free from hassle. Moreover, it is important to make it appear as though there was no effort in creating the home, as if that is how the home would naturally appear on a daily basis. Staging is about creating an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and comfortable for the viewers.

Many interior designers and stagers believe that there is truly no difference in home staging and visual marketing. According to a prominent stager in Boston, the basic principle of home staging is that “a home is simply a product for sale and must be packaged in the most appealing way possible to entice the consumer and make the sale.” The most important purpose, as in typical marketing, should be to make potential buyers happy about what they are about to purchase. If buyers feel wealthy, sophisticated, healthy and comfortable, then it is more likely for them to make an immediate offer. These feelings and desires can be evoked through various methods of staging, which include the enhancement of the home’s color, lighting, arrangement and design.

Because of the stiff competition in the housing market, many people believe that home staging is truly important. Buyers need to feel that they are making the best decision in spending their hard-earned dollars. It is then necessary to show that the property they’re buying is the best in the market. Buyers do not need to feel reluctant and, thus, they have to be pushed in all the right ways.

In asking whether home staging is really necessary, the simple answer would be yes. It would even be unthinkable not to go through home staging with the heavy competition in the market. Indeed, home staging effectively reduces the home’s flaws. There is no other way to attract a potential buyer than to enhance the visual impact of a home and highlight its prominent aspects. Anyone that wishes to sell a home faster and invite more buyers should really consider home staging.
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