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How To Sell Your House Quickly

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By : Liane Canonigo    99 or more times read
Using strong and effective marketing techniques is just a smart way of doing business. Remember that the property you are bound to sell is just like any other product in the market that should attract and respond to the desires of potential buyers. Good marketing can bring the bargaining price up for a seller. Although this will not be able to sell your house immediately, it will surely keep buyers coming.

Here are some tips on how to effectively market your house to sell it quickly:

  1. Photograph the Front

    Remember that buyers emphasize on visuals. Good photos of your house’s façade will surely help them decide whether to buy the property or not. Remember to crop out sidewalks and streets in the photos. Images of the driveway should be removed and always take close-up photos. Clear away all things that obstruct the beautiful scenery.

  2. Take Appealing Exterior Photographs

    It is best to emphasize space. Size tends to attract buyers. Shoot long portraits of the house. Mow the lawn, trim bushes and make sure your patio looks inviting. Put away other personal items such as children’s toys and don’t include your pets in the photos.

  3. Take Appealing Interior Photographs as Well

    Take photos of all rooms in the house even if you think that some rooms won’t photograph well. You just might be amazed by the results. Remember to open drapes and blinds. Turn on all the lights and allow as much light or sunshine to enter the rooms. This would give an illusion of warmth and comfort. Focus on important and interesting details. Remove clutter and things such as trash bins and garbage. You might also want to use flowers.

  4. Virtual Tours

    Buyers tend to love virtual tours. A good virtual tour should be able to take the buyer from one room to another through a 360-degree view. You may even add sound, music or other professionally written work on a presentation. You could also put photos available for download and print.

  5. Prepare Signage

    You will attract more people through the signs you put out. Try talking to a neighbor whose home is located at the corner of a busy street. Politely ask for permission to put a sign on that yard with an arrow pointing toward yours. You must also take note that some home owner associations prohibit putting signs anywhere so you have to be careful where you place your signage.

  6. Print Advertising

    You should reach buyers who read the paper every day. Besides the option of advertising online, you should take note that major newspapers pull most readerships on Sundays. With local newspapers, you can also run a larger ad for less money that will more closely target those looking in your area. Remember to add pictures on your advertisement. Descriptive text is hardly enough.

  7. Use Direct Mail

    List brokers usually offer mailing lists, especially if you’re an unrepresented seller. If you have an agent, inquire about a direct mailing program. Also, remember to give mail to neighbors. Everyone has friends or relatives who might want to live nearby. Then, send direct mail to real estate agents who are employed by buyers interested in buying property in the neighborhood.

  8. Open Houses

    Place open house signs near the area to attract buyers. You can advertise on newspapers or websites. You can also invite neighbors, friends and family. These people may help you advertise the house as well.

  9. Host Agent Tours

    Buyers nowadays are usually represented by agents and employed brokers. Therefore, it is important to also draw these people as you would your buyers. Allow agents to stay longer in the house because they will be able to retain a lot more detail. You might also want to entice them by preparing food, which do not have to be very expensive.

  10. Send E-Flyers

    Take advantage of the advances made by technology. E-mails tend to make advertising easier. Plus, they are not very costly and would only take a minimal ounce of preparation on your part. Send e-flyers or e-brochures to real estate agents who sell near your area, friends, family members, co-workers and other brokers who represent buyers nearby.
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