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Guide for Landlords in Handling Complaints from Tenants

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The trend of renting a property or unit for your primary residence is definitely a fast-growing industry in the real estate sector today. This is because rental options are much more practical compared to buying your own house and securing a mortgage to finance your investment. Hence, this is also a great financial opportunity for property owners who have the resources or property in order to augment and generate their extra income. If you see the wisdom behind turning yourself into a landlord, then you ought to know certain things about leasing your property such as the proper and effective way of handling tenant complaints.

It must be imperative that you include your terms and conditions particularly on repair and fixture issues in your property in lieu with leasing it to your prospective tenants. This must be included and clearly explained to them upon signing the rental agreement prior to their occupancy of the unit or house. It is your responsibility to provide information that will serve as your basis and guideline in dealing with complaints. Thoroughly state the scope of your duties regarding some issues in the house or rental unit, as well as your boundaries that states it is the tenant’s obligation to deal with the problem. This is often applicable for certain issues or defects in the house which the tenants themselves caused or happened due to their negligence and carelessness.

In order to effectively handle complaints from tenants, it helps to have an organized way of dealing with the problem. You need to inform them before they even started renting your place of the standard operating procedures you practice in your property. This includes how to go about the complaint. Provide a complaint form where they could fill-in their concerns and submit for your reference. This will give you the idea of what the problem is all about and how you can remedy the issue. Keeping the report in your file is likewise a good idea in order to use as reference in future cases. Make sure that the form includes the date when the report was made, the detailed information regarding the problem and other related details that will help in understanding and solving the dilemma as soon as possible.

Upon receipt of the file or report, it is imperative that you notify the tenant right away as to receiving the complaint to assure them that you are acknowledge and are doing something about it. Handling such problems is quite an easy endeavor if you are managing only one property, however for those who have multiple properties and tenant complaints to deal with, this is an entirely different story. If it will take you quite a while to deal with the issue, make certain that you keep your tenants up to date in order for them to understand your situation and avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings.

Handling complaints as landlord takes a lot of patience, initiative and careful planning in order to give what your tenants need and are requesting for. It is definitely your duty to provide a healthy and habitable dwelling place they rightfully deserve.
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