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Understanding the Home Owners Association (HOA) Rules Before Moving In

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By : Liane Canonigo    99 or more times read
Moving into a new home is certainly a grand moment for the entire family. A new house means not only a new place to reside in but also a new environment and community to live with. This also means a new home owners association (HOA) to be part of. When you are a new resident in an area, you have to learn how to follow the rules there. HOAs are put in place because they make sure that the entire community is safe and well-organized. If you want your stay to be smooth-sailing and be comfortable around neighbors, you have to comply with the rules of the place and not act as if you are an outsider.

When a real estate agent presents you with the details of a prospective new home, you need to know that they will not always present you with the HOA regulations. In fact, HOA rules are something that you need to learn on your own. But you might wonder why it is essential to understand HOA procedures before purchasing a property.

Most HOAs are particular regarding rules about pets. If you have brought pets with you in your new home, you have to be sensitive about what the HOA says about them. You cannot allow pets to just be loitering and littering around town. The HOA may have rules about your pets’ hygiene and this includes not just allowing them to pee in front of the yard or any of your neighbors’ houses. Remember that violations of these rules can lead to lawsuits and quarrels with neighbors. Even though these issues may just be about pets, you still have to abide by the HOA regulations.

For sure, all of us just want to live in a harmonious and peaceful place. However, it is not all the time that police officers are able to protect us. It has been proven that when all homeowners bond and work together, peace and order can easily be attained. Even though some HOA rules may seem so strict and too much for us to follow, we still have to make ourselves familiar with them if we also want to share that peace with everybody. Of course, HOA rules do not only cover those about pets but they also cover parking spaces, business transactions and employment. In fact, some HOAs have included issues such as sexuality and gender sensitivity.

Even though the intentions of HOA regulations are useful for the entire community, their implementation can sometimes get out of hand. This is precisely why you have to acquaint yourself with the details and the fine print. Remember that the primary concern of the HOA is the harmony and peace around the community. If you do not agree with some of the rules and have a hard time abiding by them, then it might be wise to look for another property. Take note that, before you even become a homeowner, the HOA has already set guidelines and you will always be expected to follow them.
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