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Prepare Your Home to Sell Quickly

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By : Jason Deines    99 or more times read
Getting your home ready to sell is similar to starting a new relationship, first impressions are important. Preparing your home early on can make it more appealing to potential home buyers. If you have time constraints and your budget allows you can hire professionals to take care of most of the tasks required. Generally, getting your home ready to sell is simple and should not take much more than a weekend. Of course that depends upon the current condition of your home.

Touch-up the Exterior of Your Home

The first thing a buyer is going to see when driving down the street is your yard and the exterior of your home. First impressions count because if the outside is not well maintained they may assume the inside is the same way and keep on driving. This could also affect an offer buyers are willing to make on the purchase. Here are some simple and quick chores you can do to spruce up the outside of your home:

  • Keep the lawn watered and mowed

  • Trim shrubs and trees

  • Add some color to your yard by planting flowers

  • Remove any trash or debris from your yard and curb

  • Take the hose to the outside of your house

  • Clean the doorways and windows

Clean and Make the Interior Cozy

Once you get a potential buyer through the front door you can get to work selling them your home. Hopefully you have made a good first impression with the outside, now it is time to make them feel at home. Here are some steps you can take to accomplish this:

  • Make sure the inside is clean

  • Have the carpets cleaned and remove any pet smells

  • Rid the corners of spider webs

  • Get rid of unnecessary furniture and get rid of clutter

  • If the interior needs it, paint it

  • Organize closets and pack what you donít need

  • Spray a nice smelling fragrance

Make Necessary Home Repairs

As a potential home buyer inspects your home they are going to be opening up doors, cupboards, and giving your home a good going over. Usually minor repairs arenít a deal killer but it does leave an impression. There are many types of things that can be quickly and easy fixed around your home, such as:

  • Patch any holes in the walls

  • Replace or fix damaged doors

  • Remove or replace peeling wall paper

  • Tighten fixtures and faucets

  • Replace burnt out light bulbs

  • Replace broken vent covers

  • Oil squeaky and sticky doors

Once you are done sprucing up your home ask a friend or relative to pose as a buyer and give you feed back. A fresh pair of eyes can go along way in finding things that you may not have seen yourself. Many of the above items may seem minor but to a home buyer it can stand out like a sore thumb and end up knocking thousands off the offer. Maximize your return by preparing your home the best you can.

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