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Credit Repair Lawyers - Are Credit Repair Lawyers Worth The Money or Not

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By : Darin Sewell    99 or more times read

Need Your Credit Fixed?

There are tons of ads for credit repair lawyers all over the internet and in local phone books. Each one promises the same thing, a better credit score fast for a modest fee. However there are some things about credit repair lawyers that you need to be aware of and the article below will reveal to you three of those things.

What The Credit Repair Lawyers Hope You Never Discover About Them!

They Are Very Expensive- Almost all credit repair lawyers and services charge clients a set up fee that is normally in the range of $60. But that fee is just for account set up, you must also pay for your credit repair service by the month. The industry standard amount is right around $80. This monthly fee is where it gets ugly, they are able to drag the process out and make more money from unknowing customers. Plus using these numbers 3 months of credit repair will cost $300!!

They Won't Do All The Work- At most credit repair companies they ask the client to purchase and supply them with a copy of their credit report. Then on top of that many of these companies will actually ask the client what accounts to dispute, aren't they supposed to be the experts? Additionally all the correspondence letter the credit bureaus send you will go to your home not their office. It will be up to you to get them to their office somehow. Not quite what you expected?

Their Idea of Credit Repair Is Quite Different- If you look at the contract that credit repair lawyers and companies are required to have clients sign, you will see that they define successful credit repair as getting just one account removed. So if you paid them $300 and they only removed one of your bad accounts they did what they promised. What a bargain hey?

You Can Do It Yourself Much Cheaper- With a little effort on your part and a simple credit repair kit you can fix your credit just as well as a credit repair company, and in most cases even faster. These kits and credit repair software normally cost between $37 and $99 so you come out way ahead! Plus you know you will do good work for yourself right!

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