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Living Good In Whittier California

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By : Ben Nicolas    99 or more times read
There are so many amazing cities in California but the focus this time is on Whittier. Nestled in the beautiful southern region of California lies this peaceful, beautiful and livable city. We get a lot of people from out of state coming to look at properties in the area. Whittier is often not heard of but it is often quickly thrown onto a buyer's list. Let me break down a few good reason's why it's a great place for families both new and old.

So why would your family consider Whittier as their new location? I always like to cite the crime statistics because that's one of the most important aspects in my mind. No family wants to raise their kids in a high crime neighborhood! Whittier is a shining example of a multicultural community that loves and respects their neighbors and the surrounding environment. According to (, Whittier has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the State. No city is without its problems, and the majority of the problems lie in the property crime department.

Whittier has its share of local activities, community events and all the usual Californian amenities within your grasp. The area has amazing restaurants, some picture perfect golf courses and best of all it isn't too far from the ocean. Whittier is also home to its own College ( and has enough elementary and high schools for children of all ages. These are all ingredients that make for a popular choice and spot to settle down and soak in some of that Californian sun.

Right now the real estate market is obviously below average due to the recession which is a good thing if you're a home buyer. The last study out has the Whittier real estate market down about 21.3% since last year with the average home price around the $450,000 mark. Whittier also offers a range of housing types such as full family homes, cozy or luxury condos and other unique living environments throughout the city.
Come check out some Whittier Real Estate and see what the people are talking about.

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