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A large number of people move every year in the United States. Census data shows that an estimated 40 million Americans move into new homes across the nation yearly. Moving can often be a hectic task and there are many online mediums available to give you advice on how to make the transition into a new home easier.

Here are a few tips that can make moving easier for anyone.

Get rid of all of the old items you donít need any more. Moving less stuff equates to less clutter in your new home and savings on packing materials and moving costs. You can rid yourself of old appliances, unused sports equipment, clothing, toys and other items through the internet, charity organizations, even yard sales. You could easily make some extra cash while saving money by not having to move the unwanted items at the same time.

You can save a great deal of money on packing materials and help save the environment simultaneously by using recycled materials such as newspapers, plastic grocery bags or even dishtowels. You ask friends for bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts that they might still have from their move. Contact a local grocery store and they will often have boxes that they would normally throw away that they will give you for no cost. Using and finding items such as these can often save you hundreds of dollars while helping the environment as well.

Make your move efficiently. You can often save yourself a great deal of time and avoid headaches by having all of your cable, phone electricity, water and other services scheduled to be hooked up when you move instead of after your move. Combining your services such as cable, internet and the phone through one carrier can often save you money. If you are using existing telephone numbers and cable providing you can call them, and have the services hooked up the day before you move in. The same applies with your utilities.

Following these simple steps can make your move less frustrating and possibly keep some money that you can spend on items for your new home.
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