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How to Deal with Problem Tenants

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Many purchase property today to have them rented. This is because of the low vacancy rates. This is one opportunity in the real estate industry that has opened for various investors. Since many lost their homes to foreclosure, they turn to well maintained homes for rent to live comfortably. However, starting such business is easier said than done. Landlords have a lot of responsibilities to attend to. One of which is maintaining the property. They have to make sure that the property is livable. They also have to respond to complaints. Most importantly, they have to deal with problem tenants.

Landlords would not want to have such tenant as this can be very stressful. In order to avoid having them in your property, you can follow a strict screening procedure. You need to check the backgrounds of individuals who want to rent your property. Ask for references as well. You should also have an idea of your tenantís credit record. You have to be sensitive with your inquiries though as this may be misconstrue as discrimination to a certain group, which is prohibited by law.

Following a screening procedure reduces the risks of having such problems. However, it cannot guarantee that you will not be able to have them in your property. Few of the things that landlords do not like about tenants are causing destruction to the property and failing to make the essential payments. However, you have to prepare for this because it can happen to any property owner.

In order to deal with such tenants, you have to know how to evict them first. Even if you do not want to deal with this, you have to learn how to do it because you will never know when you will need to. There are different grounds for eviction. You need to familiarize them. Knowing them will aid you in responding to different situations appropriately. You have to bear in mind that the tenants have rights too. You cannot just evict them for any reason.

As mentioned earlier, there are several grounds for eviction. One of the most common grounds is failure to pay the monthly rent. You have to act accordingly when this happens. Send a written notice to the renter right away. An occupant who is of legal age should receive the notice. If no one is at home, place the notice somewhere the tenant can see it right away. The tenant should be able to read the notice and respond to it.

There are other grounds for eviction such as repeated violation of the rules indicated in the contract. You will need documents to prove this. This is why you need to have a copy of the complaints of the neighbors, letters and notices sent to the tenant and other related information. You should be able to present that the tenants has breached the contract over and over again.

It is still best to talk to your tenants regarding the matter. Besides, it is not that easy to find new tenants. However, there are cases that have to be settled and you have to take actions immediately. If you are uncertain of what actions to take, talk to your lawyer.
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