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By : Samanta Parks    99 or more times read
Practically each day at noon, auctioneers stand on the steps of the courthouse of the county of Nevada and attempts to sell somebodyís foreclosed house.

This would be a reflection of todayís continuing crisis of housing all throughout the nationís, which hit California quite hard, with evidences of an excess of 358,000 houses which have fallen into auctions of foreclosure within this year, along with 57,000 out of them locating buyers.

Within the county of Nevada, around 434 properties happen to be within pre-foreclosure while 280 are getting auctioned for sales. A main indicator would be the 1,120 default notices that were filed within the county of Nevada this year.

The majority of days, auctioneers have to postpone sales of foreclosed houses due to a lack of bids. It isnít that there is a lack in interested parties. In fact, the courthouse steps are oftentimes full of interested citizens, who are either worried regarding their personal foreclosed house or are bargain hunters. The overall size of the crowd changes by the day. There are no certain statistics regarding all of it, though. It simply changes, by five up to thirty people. Every winning bid needs to be paid for by cashierís check or cash and could get extremely expensive.

Thao has worked within this business for more than five years. He provided a personal perspective on auction sales within the county of Nevada. One bid was given one day and that day was considered great.

Some factors of the economy have something to do with the crisis of housing, along with a growing amount of unemployed homeowners. The rate of county unemployment currently lies at around 11.3 percent; however, it lies at around 17.1 percent within the city of Nevada, a record high since the town only has three thousand residents in total. Obviously, no jobs exist there for their people. Their rate of employment has been quite high for a while now. However, this would be the highest ever so far.

The rate of unemployment within the state currently lies at around 12.5 percent, which amounts to around 16.2 million jobless people. However, this would not negate the overall bureaucracy which the majority of homeowners get caught up dealing with in banks. They started faxing out documents over to banks with forms of finance within the month of March. One part of this process would involve obtaining a modification of loan. The banks were being very slow. Loans were being taken out in order to purchase houses three years ago. Therefore, the bad terms of such loan modifications need to be fixed.

Last month, almost a hundred default notices existed within the county of Nevada while there were only around fifty last year in the same month. This increase with the amount of sales of trustees has the county of Nevada ranked as number 37 when it comes to California foreclosures, which would be third most horrible state for statistics in the whole country. Whenever people lose jobs or have cuts in their pay or even get involved with refinancing their highly difficult rates of loan, things could get very tough.
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