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The Importance of the Buyers Having Their Own Agent

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
One of the most important investments that an individual will have in his lifetime is home purchase. Aside from the fact that it is important, it is expensive too. This is why it takes time before a person finally decides to get one. He wants to be sure that he can afford the house he wants and that he will never lose it. Although this is how important acquiring a home is, there are still people who do not want to be represented by a buyer’s agent. They feel that it is an unnecessary expense.

It is all right to purchase a home without an agent as long as the buyer knows what he needs to do. He should be equipped with the basic knowledge on how to go through the purchasing process. There are several legal concepts that have been changed and in order for the buyer to fully understand them, he has to conduct some researches.

Additionally, he should also know how to choose a property. There are several factors to be considered. Aside from the factors in choosing a home, he should also learn about the factors to consider when choosing a lender. This is very important because if he makes the wrong choice, he could encounter financial problems in the future, even foreclosure.

If you do not want to go through the said troubles, have an agent. Having one will offer you the following advantages:

All actions will be legally taken

Since you have a professional with you, you can be sure that all of the appropriate steps are taken. As mentioned earlier, acquiring a home is a complex process. One is the transaction between a seller and a listing broker. The contract between them indicates an amount paid by the seller to the broker. The said payment is with the buyer’s agent. This is legal. However, without the agent, the said payment may be given to the direct buyer, which is inappropriate.

Additionally, several changes have been made to the different procedures on home acquisition. Without an agent, the buyer will not have any idea about this. He may not even understand such changes even if he encounters it.

The interest of the buyer will be protected

Having an agent will assure the buyer that he will know everything there is to know regarding the purchase. If any problem arises, he can be sure that all possible options will be presented to him. This is because it is the duty of his agent to do so.

The buyer will not incur additional cost

Contrary to what most believe, buyers will not spend on having an agent as they are usually paid by the seller. This is done by the amount shared by the listing broker with the buyer’s agent. However, there are instances when the seller will refuse to give a sales commission. This happens when the property owner is the seller. Only in this unusual circumstance will the buyer pay the agent.

A buyer’s agent is definitely a big help. This gives the buyer a sense of security that his interests are protected. He knows that all information are disclosed to him. And if he encounter problems regarding the purchase, he will be able to turn to a professional.
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