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Tips for a Super Open House

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
An open house is a way of attracting potential buyers of the property. This is done by the seller or the sellerís agent. It is important that everything is prepared to ensure success. One problem could turn off a serious buyer and you may have lost a good opportunity. There are several helpful tips that can help ensure success. What is important is that you are willing to make such preparations.

Here are few of the simple yet effective tips of ensuring open house success.

  1. Inspect the property. This is a very important step because this will dictate if your property is ready. You need a professional to do the inspection as he will check all the key areas in your house. This includes the important rooms such as the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the kitchen. Additionally, he will ensure that all the systems at home are working properly. This includes the electrical system, the water system, the heating system and the plumbing.

  2. Make the essential repairs and clean it. This should be done after the inspector has submitted his report. The report will contain the current state of your home. Additionally, he will also specify what needs to be done in your house. However, you should learn to prioritize before making the repairs. Not all repairs will add value to your home. Start with those that will significantly improve your property value. After making the necessary repairs, you should start cleaning your property. Remove the dirt and all the clutter. Items that you no longer use should be out of the property as well.

  3. Stage the house well. Staging your property is very important. This is because it adds appeal to your home. In order to stage it properly, you should learn to detach yourself from your home. Do not make judgment base on your personal taste. You have to read about the current trends to ensure that others will be able to relate to it. You can also hire a stager if you want. The stager will see to it that your property will be at its best.

  4. Keep all your valuables. Do not forget to do this as you will not know who will be attending the event. Make sure that you lock up all your expensive items such your jewelry. Lock it in a volt or deposit it in the bank. Although you are at the event with your agent, it would still be difficult to monitor everyone.

  5. Advertise the open house. This is very important because your preparation will not be appreciated if people will not come. Post an ad on your website. Upload many photos to grab the attention of potential buyers. You can also post it in other real estate websites. You can also post it in the different public areas. Put one in a school, church and supermarket.

An open house is a very good way to attract a lot of buyers. This is essential because it will help the seller land a good offer. He can choose the best offer and sell his property at the best possible value.

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