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How to be a Proactive Home Seller: Pre-Listing Home Inspections

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By : Gary Ashton    99 or more times read
There are a large number of homes on the market at present so it can be a hard time to sell your home unless you can make your home stand out; one way that some home owners are making their properties grab sellers’ attention is by having a pre-listing home inspection done.

Normally when a home is for sale, the buyers arrange for an inspector to come through and inspect the home for any problems; the list of issues is presented to the owners and then an offer might be made with a condition that certain things be fixed.

With a pre-listing inspection, the home owners proactively have the home inspected so that they are aware of any possible issues that might cause problems with offers later on. Once the home inspection is done, the owners can decide what problems (if there are any) need to be addressed before the property is put on the market.

The benefit in a pre-listing inspection can be that if your home has any major problems to fix, it is easier to make repairs before you start staging your home and having people come through to tour it. Sometimes the problems that can be present in your home are a surprise when they’re discovered; it’s often better to have the freedom to fix the problem more at your leisure in a way that you choose than to have prospective buyers possibly choose a more expensive way that they want things done.

Another benefit to having your home inspected before you list it is that it can help you save time later on when prospective buyers are looking to make an offer. If you can show them that your home has already been inspected, it shows them that you know exactly what kind of condition your home is in and that you’re a proactive home owner who addresses problems as they arise. If you’ve had to make repairs to your home due to discoveries made by your home inspector, you can also show the prospective buyers the documentation for that so that they know that any issues found in your inspection have been dealt with.

Anyway that you can make a home sale easier for buyers and create less work for them will be a benefit for them and a good way to make them look favorably at buying your home. After all, a smooth home buying experience is a pretty great incentive.
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