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Does a Secured Credit Card Help Your Credit Scores or Not

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By : Darin Sewell    99 or more times read

Need a Higher Credit Score?

Many people wonder does a secured credit card help your credit scores? If you are trying to repair your own credit you may have asked yourself that very question. The simple answer to that question is "yes a secured credit card will help your credit scores". With that said however there are a few things that you need to do as a borrower to make sure that you get most from your secured credit card and self credit repair efforts.

How To Make Sure Your Secured Credit Cards Improves Your Credit Score

The very first thing you should do is sign up for the credit card lenders auto pay option so you do not make a late payment on your account. Many lenders offer this option to their borrowers. If your lender does not, there are many third party companies that will let you pay your bills through them, a simple Google search will help you find these services.

Next make sure that you keep your spending habits under control or you could find that your new secured credit card is actually hurting your credit score more then helping it. How is that possible you ask, well anytime your credit card balance goes over 45% of you credit cards limit your scores start to decrease. So be smart and keep track of what you buy and try to pay the balances off every month.

The last thing is you should not let your new credit card go to your head and start applying for accounts all over town because too many credit score inquiries will actually drop your credit score rather fast. You might be thinking you would never do this but many people have said this only to let emotion take over and wind up wrecking their credit score further.
One Final But Important Tip For You

When you are trying to fix your credit and are using Secured Credit Cards as one of your tools you need to completely understand how to use them and how they are going to help you fix your credit.

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