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What's The Best Way To Fix My Credit Report - Pay a Credit Repair Company or do Credit Repair Myself

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By : Darin Sewell    99 or more times read

Confused About Improving Your Credit?

What's the best way to fix my credit score is a question that alot of people struggling with bad credit ask all the time. The question however is hard to answer because there are so many different reasons and causes of bad credit that it is hard to give blanket answer that covers everyone. However there are a few basic principals that will apply to anyone trying to improve their FICO scores.

The First Step You Need To Take

First you need to decide how you are going to get your credit fixed. Are you going to use a paid service to do it for you or are you going to do Self Credit Repair. The answer really depends on you, are you willing to pay a company hundreds to thousands of dollars to work on your report with little to no guarantee of their services? Or are you willing to devote a few hours a month to improve your situation and invest less then $100 in the process, only you know the answer but we can look at them a little more in depth to help you decide.

Paid Credit Repair Companies

These services often advertise that they can clean up your report in a short amount of time or have special tactics to get the job done. Truth is however that they will be using the same tactics you will be if you do it on your own. On top of this they charge set up fees and then a monthly service fee so the first months service normally costs in the range of $100-$125. This business model rewards the company for taking longer then usual because they will make more money off of you! Paying money to a credit fixing firm is not more effective, just more convenient.

Do It Yourself Credit Repair

This is the most affordable way to get your FICO scores increased and in most cases the fastest way as well. The main problem is most people are not sure how to get the job done effectively, this is what leads most people to using a paid service. But learning how to do credit repair is simple, all you need to do is pick up a credit repair kit. Many are available online and will provide you everything you need to quickly and effectively repair your own low FICO scores. The best part is most start at around $35 and go up from there, that is a lot less then your first months fee from the paid company!

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