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Built in Closet Organizers for Home Staging

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By : Carlos Montes    99 or more times read
If youíre trying to make your house appeal to buyers, one of the best ways that you can do that is by reducing the clutter and making it look like your home is organized and has ample storage. One of the ways that you can do this is by using inexpensive built in closet organizers to neatly store your items away on.

Closets, in their general configuration, are very poor for storing things in because they have usually one shelf over one clothing rail; this usually results in clothing of different lengths all hung together, many items stored on the floor of the closet, and piles of things stored on the one shelf that are often forgotten about. A closet such as this is unappealing and almost always looks messy and unorganized.

A much better alternative is a built in closet organizer that allows you to store items in it more efficiently. If youíre also looking to sell your house, itís a good idea to have a closet organizational system that is flexible enough so that a buyerís needs would be met by it as well.

Many closet organizers are based around upright rails that are screwed into the wall studs in the back of the closet; adjustable shelves and railings are then hooked into the slots in the uprights. This system is very adjustable as you can hang shelves and railings at whichever heights best meet your needs and if your needs change, you can change the shelves around. You can also usually add shoe storage, drawers and baskets to these systems as well, taking care of all of your storage needs all in one place.

Other types of closet organizers are more expensive and elaborate affairs, often made of wood. While these types of organizer can add even more appeal to your home for some buyers, they are usually not adjustable which means that if they arenít a fairly generic type of organizer with room for some short and long hanging items as well as a few shelves or drawers, some buyers might find the system a hindrance instead of an asset. It may not be in your best interest to invest a large amount of money in a high-end, non-adjustable system for this reason. Instead, maybe invest in a system like that, if it appeals to you, at your new home so that you can enjoy it.

Remember, that a great part of the appeal of closet organizers is that it makes your home look to buyers like it has more than enough storage space in it; take the time to actually organize your closet items so that they look organized and neat. Buyers will look more favorably on your home in general if itís neat and tidy.
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