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Home Security Tricks While Vacationing

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By : Vicki Hat    99 or more times read
Have you heard of horrifying stories wherein a family comes home from vacation, only to find out that they were robbed? That is because they may have not implored cool tricks to improve home security. Yes, they may have locks. Unfortunately locks are not all invincible. Once they find away to break it, they can penetrate your homes. Hence, your house would not be totally protected from getting ransacked.

So if you were in a vacation, you must not only rely on locks to obtain home security. You must have some tricks to make your home look like it isn't empty at all. These are preventive measures. These techniques would serve as your scare tactics to keep those people away.

Here are some of them:

  1. If you can afford to install automatic lights in your homes, then you should. This kind of system allows you to set a timer and light could be turned on and off as you please. No need for human touch to be operated. It is plainly automatic. So even if no one is at home, your homes will still have some illumination, especially when the night starts to creep in. And you can still conserve energy because light goes off when the daytime comes.

  2. Try leaving the answering machine on. As they say, when the phone keeps ringing and no one is answering, it definitely means no one is at home. Where as if the answering machine is used, it would look like you are somewhere around the house just busy doing something else. But hey, one piece of advice, don't use greeting that could expose the fact that you are on a vacation. And set the volume to low so that whatever messages your friends leave, it wouldn't be broadcasted out loud to the outsiders.

  3. Try approaching your neighbors and ask them to watch your house for you. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, you can also ask them to park their cars in front of your garage or in your carports. This is just to create an illusion that someone is home.

  4. Have alarm systems that are connected to the police department. You can now have this feature for your homes. That way if perpetrators manage to get past your heavy-duty locks, the alarm would sound and the police would come by to check out the place for you.

  5. One cool way to monitor your homes is through security cameras. When you are at home, these cameras would serve as your third eye. You can watch the rear part of the house without having to physically go there. But if you are on a vacation, you will probably do not have access to this as your cameras may be attached to the main computer. Well, the good news is you can always network your camera system and arrange for a remote access. This feature will give you the power to check on your homes as if you were seated in front of your PC. If you have Internet connection, you can use your blackberry or even your laptop to monitor your homes.
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