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Ten Reasons to buy Mexico Real Estate in Year 2010

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By : Tom Budniak    99 or more times read
Missed the Mexico Real Estate bus in the year 2009? Year 2010 is approaching fast. After a rollercoaster ride in 2009, what does the year 2010 holds for Mexico Real Estate? One thing is for sure, recession is nearing its end worldwide and the coming year promises to be a lot better year for Mexico Real Estate.

  1. Emerging Markets leading the fight against recession: Developing countries with great growth outlook like China , India and Brazil have taken the lead in fighting recession and have seen registered growth in economy even as the developed countries were trying to get out of recession.
    Mexico due to it's proximity to United States and low manpower cost is poised to be the next success story.

  2. Secure and Stable Economic Environment: If you scratch the surface beneath those exaggerated news reports on crime and H1N1 flu, you will find that a large part of Mexico is peaceful and stable. Mexico is very popular with tourists, retirees, expats and real estate investors and this is a proof that Mexico is a safe & secure investment destination. This makes it very conducive to future economic growth.

  3. Upward trend in Mortgage Loans: Mexico mortgage lending is slated to boom next year which means increased liquidity in market leading to increased buying. With market flush with money, the demand will rise and hence, prices will go up. Investors buying early in 2010 stand to gain more due to prospect of increase in Mexico Real estate prices later.

  4. Improvement in Infrastructure: Mexico is witnessing government spending in the area of infrastructure development. New airport in Riviera Maya, sea port on the Pacific coast and improvement in highway and road network, all will bring good news in the year 2010.

  5. High Quality healthcare: Mexico offers high standards of healthcare services. For this reason, for decades, retirees have been living in Mexico without any concern regarding the quality and price of healthcare.

  6. Tropical Climate: The warm, sunny climate in Mexico makes it irresistible to people seeking relief from cold weather in their native counties like Canada.

  7. Dollar vs. Peso: The US dollar continues to get stronger and hence living costs in Mexico are cheaper then they were a year back and quality of life in Mexico is just as in US or Canada.

  8. Favored destination for celebrities: Mexico is a favorite destination for Hollywood and other celebrities with many owning Real Estate in Mexico . There is a good chance that you may get to see a Hollywood actor/actress in Mexico.

  9. World class Real Estate developments: Mexico offers world class and a wide range of real estate projects. From beachfront villas to condos to traditional houses, Mexico has a lot to offer for everyone.

  10. Culture and Natural beauty: Mexico is a country blessed with ecological beauty, friendly people and rich culture. Foreigners are welcomed here with a big smile and open arms.
Tom Budniak operates, owns, and manages Realty Executives Mexican Caribbean here in Mexico. Tom's office is considered by many in the industry to be the top office in Mexico. Tom, from Realty Executives Mexican Caribbean is a Certified Member of RMRE and MLS 4 Riviera Maya. Check out all of the resources available through Tom and Realty Executives Mexican Caribbean.
Realty Executives Mexican Caribbean offers many investment opportunities like Mexico Real Estate, Beachfront Condos, Rental Villas, Apartments etc. Contact Tom Budniak if you have any questions or advise regarding Mexico Real Estate - We are the leader in Mexico Vacation Rentals.

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