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The Importance of Good Pictures of Your Home for Sale

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By : Mike Taylor    99 or more times read
It is common practice when youíre putting your home on the market to have you or your Realtor take pictures of the interior and exterior of your home to use in marketing your house to potential buyers. While this can be a fabulous way to showcase the assets that your home has, it seems that for many people itís also a great way to showcase piles of junk and 30 year old decorating that still exists in their homes from when they moved in.

Consider for a moment the difference between two comparably priced homes in an area that youíre considering buying into.

One home has pictures that show a plainly decorated home with neutral colors. The rooms in this home have appropriate furnishings in each room; the dining area has a table and chairs, the bedrooms have beds and dressers, the living room has a couch, coffee table, and chairs. The pictures show a home that isnít decorated elaborately, but you can clearly see what the rooms look like.

The second home that you see pictures of has wall paper or sponge painted walls in most of the rooms, dirty carpeting in the living areas, partially packed boxes in many rooms, a grungy bathroom, and piles upon piles of clutter on every horizontal surface. Many of the rooms are difficult to decipher what theyíre for due to the odd assortment of items in them like exercise equipment, desks, laundry, and lawn mowers. Did I mention the piles of clutter everywhere?

Now, consider what a hard choice this is for the potential buyer who sees the pictures of these homes online.†Two fairly comparable homes in size, age, and cost, where one home looks like it is pretty much ready to move into and one home that looks like it is going to take weeks to get to the point where it feels like home.

Chances are that potential buyers are going to pass over the home with the terrible MLS pictures in favor of the home that is clean and uncluttered, even if it isnít professionally staged for a few reasons: the pictures show a home that looks taken care of, the pictures let the buyers know what the inside of the house looks likeónot just their belongings, and the home doesnít look like itís going to take a large amount of time and money to redecorate.
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