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FSBO: Not an Option for this Economic Condition

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The Internet has paved way for various opportunities among people. Because of this technology, people are able to create businesses were they do not have to exert much legwork in order for it to be successful. People can transact online, which makes it easier to deal with customers.

In the real estate business, the Internet has helped in the selling homes. Many sellers can attest to the ability of the Internet to find potential buyers. Before, it really did a lot for seller. It was even a good option. Selling homes was not that difficult before.

But when the economy is not doing well, FSBO may not be a good option at all. Nowadays, it is hard for a seller to close a deal. There is too much competition in the market yet there are few buyers. If you have little knowledge about the market then there's no way you can find the ins and outs of the market. If you get caught up with a lemon, you'd end up being stuck and not knowing what to do next in order to resolve a particular real estate dilemma.

Hence, at this time, having a real estate agent would be a smart move. You may be thinking that paying their 6% commission is just too much for you. Well to tell you, this amount is just small compared to what they can do for you.

Role of Real Estate Agent

Why do you need a real estate agent than opt for an FSBO? First, a real estate agent is a better option because they are good in finding people who wants your home. They have the right tool to find the perfect match. They have access to Multiple Listing Services on where they could advertise your property and share the information among other brokers. Your homes can be advertised extensively and can be matched with a particular buyer.

Second, you need real estate agents at this time because they can help speed up the sale of the property. This will be your chance to get your money the soonest. But not only that, this is also the perfect opportunity to get the maximum value of your property. If it stays in the market for long, its value would continue to drop. Considering that home values are already low, you will even get a lower return than expected. With the help of the real estate agent, sale would be faster with more chances of getting your expected return (or more).

FSBO not a Good Option

Despite the rising popularity of the use of Internet to sell your property, this won't be enough to get you the right buyer. Even if you have captured a few ones, there is still no guarantee that they would buy your home. There are other aspects of home selling that you have to consider. If you are not into real estate and if you opt for FSBO, you would fail to determine tactics that would make your property to sell. Hence, getting a real estate professional can certainly would be a big help.
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