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Property Taxes: One of the Factors in Home Buying

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By : Vicki Hat    99 or more times read
A lot of people think it is better to buy homes rather than rent. True, home ownership opens a wide horizon for people. When it comes to home management and designing, you get to call your own shots and you become answerable to yourself. However, you can experience this, only if you have paid out your house completely. Good for you if you have paid for your homes in cash. But if you paid for your house through financing, you might as well wait for the burning of the mortgage before you can do whatever you want with your homes.

Know that you will be financially strapped for years. If you are a person who has a good-paying job, this wouldn't be much of your concern. But if you were just an average income-earner with several mouths to feed, you can have troubles in home ownership just by trying to pay it off alone.

That is why, do not think that owning your home is better than rent. The cost of home ownership can be overwhelming, especially when you obtain financing. Come to think of it, even if you have mortgage, you would even have to come up with instant cash to pay for the upfront payments (well, this should be smaller compared to paying the house in full). And you won't be only paying back the purchase price alone. Your mortgage contains three other components namely the interest, taxes and insurance.

Among the three, people are less concerned with the taxes. Although, it is known to be existing, people just disregard the thought of it. Remember, tax exists in everything. Even if you buy the cheapest meal in a fast food, you are actually paying more. Check your receipts, you know what is being referred in here.

What is important that you can see the importance of including property taxes in your budget to buy a home. Doing so would help you make an accurate monthly budget. Hence, this reduces the chances of making defaults in payments.

What is then a property tax? This tax is also known as an added value tax and the government strictly imposes it. The payments you make will then be used for the betterment of the municipality. Just like any other tax, this will be then considered as the income of the government so they can implement their projects.

Failure to pay property taxes can have its toll on you. If you have been delinquent with your payments, this will be reported to the various credit reporting agencies. As an effect, your credit scores will be highly affected. Another problem you will be facing is pay back. If your property taxes may be too much to pay, the government could impose a lien on your property, which could result to a tax deed sale or tax lien sale. Both activities involve bidding and the winning bidder would get the title to your property after you have failed to redeem yourself.

So you see how important property taxes are? It is very important that you give this a consideration when buying a home because whether you like it or not, this will always be a part of your responsibility as a homeowner.
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