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How to Sell Your Home Fast in Jacksonville, FL?

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By : Dmitry Mikhaylov    99 or more times read
First of all, consider help of a real estate agent, although a realtor can only do so much. He can list your home on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), show your home and help to get it out there to buyers. If you want to sell it fast, you’ll need to do some work yourself. More effort you put into selling your home, faster you will get the results.

A real estate agent can help you to find out who your potential buyer is.
First time home buyer (with no/small down payment required with Home Buyer Tax Credit)
Regular buyer (conventional loan)
Investor (cash buyer)

Do some research first and find out who your buyer is.

If you have a house in low to medium price range in good condition without any issues, you can market it to everybody. If you have an upscale house in a great area, most likely your buyer will be either a regular buyer or an investor because First time home buyer will not be able to get a loan from the bank.

Based on government guidelines for first time home buyer tax credit program:
Credit may only be awarded on homes purchased for $800,000 or less.

Maximum tax credit may only be given to single buyers with incomes up to $125,000 and married couples with incomes up to $225,000. with some exceptions.

If you are trying to sell a house with many issues or an older house with need of many repairs and updates, most likely your buyer will be an Investor, buying cash, because other potential buyers might not be able to get a loan from the bank due to repairs and need in up to code update. For details talk to your local Realtor.

Advantages of working with investor: In most of the cases investors buy house with cash. Can close fast.

Disadvantage of working with investor: Make low offer. Investor who can buy your home for cash always is looking for deep discount. To determine price to pay for the property, investors use specific formula.

To find investor in Jacksonville, FL or other area look for yard signs on the road “WE BUY HOUSES” or google it.

Some key ingredients to sell your home fast to potential buyer:

  • Preparation - show the very best condition of your home.
  • Pricing - a home that is priced right and reasonable will sell in a short time.
  • Marketing - let the world know about your house for sale.

Other important step is to stage the house. By Staging your home you make a buyer to feel comfortable at home. Staging home make it appealing and buyers can easily imagine themselves living in this house. It doesn't look empty any more and it looks warm, pleasant and inviting. Staged house will bring you a top dollar sell. If you had a chance to compare staged home vs unstaged - you should know that your staged home will be among the fast selling homes on Jacksonville home market or on any other market.

If you don’t want to use a real estate agent, you still can sell your home - and sell it quick. Some buyers prefer homes that are for sale by owner as they don’t have to deal with realtors and they can get even deeper discounted price. You definitely can do it on your own and do it right and save Real Estate Agent commission. In our days Internet gives you almost unlimited access to your potential buyers. You just need to know how to reach them.

You’ll need to do a lot of work yourself which can be time consuming. You will need to do advertising online such as , forsalebyowner and other websites and offline such as Local newspapers, magazines, great source of potential buyers can be reached by yard “bandit signs” - corrugated plastic signs usually 18” x 24”. Massage is simple: HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER or FSBO and your phone number.

Remember You are not hiring a Realtor to put a sign on the lawn, add an ad in the paper, and hold an open house. You can do this yourself. You are hiring a Realtor to provide you with maximum exposure to the greatest number of qualified buyers for your home on MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

When you sell your home, you should always make sure that the exterior is clean and in the best possible condition. If it's necessary, consider pressure washing of exterior. Remember 50% of selling is done if a buyer got interested enough to see inside.

When selling home on your own without a Realtor, it's a great idea to make showing of the house for few buyers at the same time. Make an “open house” although most of the Real Estate agents consider them a waste of time.

You, as a home owner, have some advantages. You don't have a lock box on your home and you can determine when to show the house. So you can schedule one or two showing per week at convenient time for you and invite all potential buyers to come at the same specific time. Try to do it on weekend Saturday and/or Sunday. Usually, it would be 1-2 hour “open house” from 1pm – 3pm. This way most of the buyers will be available to see the home. This will give you ability to show your home in a minimum time to maximum potential buyers and will create some sort of scarcity. If you do a good job on preparation and staging the house along with the right price and deliver a good amount of advertising online and offline, you will have a lot of people at your open house and multiple offers are guaranteed, so you can sell your house quick and for a top dollar.

If you are trying to sell with or without a Realtor and you are not getting desirable results, you need to check either the price is too high and not supported by market or some features of your home need to be fixed or updated before it can be sold.
About The Author:Dmitry Mikhaylov and Komelot – Real Estate Solutions Group in Jacksonville, FL.

© Copyright – Dmitry Mikhaylov. All Rights Reserved.

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