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Surround Your House With Trees - Making a Difference

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By : Vicki Hat    99 or more times read
A lot of forest have been denuded because people cut trees to create different products that have contributed much to the improvement of our current lifestyle. Yes, you may have enjoyed the comforts you have right now like the latest furniture, the high-quality papers produced and other wood products. But don't you know that this has also been the cause of the accelerating environmental degradation?

There is heavy use of trees every where. Some even abuse its use. Some never really realized its importance. Not until now that they have nature's wrath more frequently.

Lucky for us that there are advocates, who have exerted effort to conduct tree-planting programs and create movements to stop the cutting of trees. However, the problems couldn't put into halt easily. Too much damage has been done and people have no choice but to bear with it until what's lost will be replaced.

However, you really do not have to rely on other people to make the move. You can, in your small efforts, help save the environment. And you can start it by simply planting trees in your homes.

Why should you care about this matter? As mentioned above, trees have brought a lot of good things to all people. It has done a fantastic job in keeping the balance in the environment. Moreover, it has both social and health benefits to human beings.

To understand more, here are points on why trees should exist in your homes.

It is your natural air conditioning. It cools the air in your surroundings, especially during summer.

It functions as a shade. It blocks sunlight to prevent it from entering your homes. Because of this, your energy consumption could be greatly reduce because your HVAC systems do not have to work twice as much to cool the whole house. Hence, you get more money in your pocket and spend it for your other necessities.

This improves the air circulation and quality within your property. The leaves absorb carbon dioxide to be able to undergo a process called photosynthesis. This what helps them survive. But in return to give out a by-product which is the oxygen. And this is what we need to be able to live healthily and function normally.

Since the trees will take in carbon dioxide, it will also reduce the concentration of such gas in the environment. This is a good thing since CO2 is one of the contributors of the phenomenon called global warming. As a result, it slows down its occurrence; thus saving Mother Earth from destruction.

Trees provide a home to many species. If you plant one, you are also providing home to animals that are almost extinct. Well, at least you can start with the birds but who knows?

Planting fruit-bearing trees is really a blessing. It graces you and your family with additional food that can sustain them with fibers, as well as enjoy seasonal fruits without having to buy them in the market.

Dried leaves are not just a pain to you. You may think it is an added waste but one thing you should know, this helps you create compost, which is a very good fertilizer. As a result, you will be able to grow plants organically.

There is a possibility that trees can reduce crime rates within the neighborhood. If every household surrounds their homes with trees, this may be possible. In one of the study conducted in 2001 in Chicago showed that presence of plants can reduce aggression.
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