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Although Foreclosures Continue to Nag the Economy, Obama is Focusing on Unemployment

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
Although foreclosures are continuing to nag the economy, Obama is focusing on unemployment. It is proving to be difficult with many interlinked issues demanding attention but the December report on job losses is compelling him to talk only about jobs. But talking about the problem is one thing and showing results is another.

The Obama team has entered a year of mid term elections in which there are apprehensions of loss of seats in the Congress despite two huge gains in the previous two cycles. The exact number of their losses will depend more on whether the voters have confidence in the continuing sluggish pace of the economy, as is indicated by the rate of unemployment or whether the presidentís group in the Congress deserve laurels. The employment issue is the only visible facet of the multi pronged problems plaguing the country.

Obamaís push to thoroughly change the financial regulatory systems has not managed to take off the ground in Capitol Hill. The housing sector is limping and his measures to help the troubled house owners have not met with success. The central bank is pressurized by inflation hawks to put strings on their policy while the deficit hawks are wanting the spending by the government to be curtailed. On the other hand other economic experts want more spending to stimulate the economy further so as to avoid continuation of the sluggish growth; there are rumblings of yet another recession waiting to come.

The factor that will influence the votes is the job issue and the pace of new job creation. The Obama government spent the first year concentrating on health care insurance infrastructure and the building up on the battlefields of Afghanistan. But this year he is focusing on jobs and trying his best to create new ones. But the December report on unemployment is depressing. Meanwhile time is running out and by summer the voters would have made up their minds. While Obama struggles to execute his promises outside factors intrude and hamper.

Immediately after returning from a holiday the president found himself with his security team closeted with discussions regarding the failed terrorist attack. The House and the Democrats in the Senate have reached the final stage in their talks regarding an understanding on health care law and this means Obama will now be directly dealing more than ever with the nitty-gritty details.
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