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Ten Reasons to Start Shopping Ann Arbor Michigan Houses By February

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By : Kristine Squiers    99 or more times read
Ann Arbor Michigan is covered in snow with temperatures averaging in the 20's. The real estate market started slowing down in December, and yet, homeowners are still listing their homes and are ready to sell. Here are the top ten reasons why a homebuyer should begin looking for their new home no later than February.

  1. Homeowners have listed homes over the past few months that have been waiting for the spring surge of homebuyers to find their homes and have been ready to sell for months! Deals can be made!

  2. Winter heat costs make many empty homes a real drag on the homeowner's budget and these winter costs help motivate them to deal on the price.

  3. Many new homes are going to be hitting the market in February to make sure the listings are up and noticed by the spring home buying rush, if you start looking for a home to buy in February you are positioning yourself to be first to know when new listings come on the market.

  4. Winter property taxes have been paid and summer taxes can be partially paid by the current homeowner.

  5. Current heat bills can easily be located to help you learn more about the costs of heating your new home.

  6. Winter house hunting gives you the advantage of seeing exactly what the house and neighborhood look like without the green of trees and bushes hiding unsightly or deteriorated places.

  7. Michigan winter roads are often slippery and snow covered making the winter commute something to consider. Winter house hunting gives you the opportunity to see what type of road conditions you will be dealing with at each home you view.

  8. Purchasing a new home before spring gives you the opportunity to get a head start on planting spring flowers, landscaping and gardening.

  9. Serious home maintenance issues like inferior home insulation, drafty windows, and ice damning on the roof are much easier to notice in the winter.

  10. Banks have fewer applications for home mortgages so getting yours pre-approved often occurs faster in the winter months.
Ann Arbor Realtor Steve Wickland

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