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By : John Durham    99 or more times read
We've all dealt with real estate agents who show homes (1) who do not lock the door upon leaving (2) do not turn off lights (3) does not put the key back where it belongs.

However, I may have experienced an all time low the other night when showing buyer's a home in St. Paul, Minnesota. The showing instructions stated there was a security system that was active as the home was vacant. Furthermore the instructions indicated as soon as you unlock the front door "go to your left and there is a 'Fob' for the security system siting on a bench. Apparently you are to click the Fob 'off' to disarm the security system. There was a huge problem with this setup. This being dealing with the previous real estate agent who had shown the home before me who decided not to place the Fob back to where he/she found it and where the showing instructions indicated to leave the Fob. Instead of leaving the Fob on the bench to the left of the door on a bench it was located to the right of the door on top of the stair railing baluster.

Well, you are no doubt already ahead of me and have guessed the security system went off and for several minutes before I could find the Fob and figure out I had to go into the dining room and aim it at the security panel. Of course, about 10-15 minutes after the alarm was shut off I look out the windows to see neighbors gathering around the home, as well as two squad cars with police officers meaning I had to go out and explain everything.

Really unfortunate that all real estate agents cannot be professional and treat other agents the way they would like to be treated. It does not take a rocket scientist to know the next agent would be looking for the Fob according to the showing instructions.
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