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Is it Helpful to Have an Open House or Should I try Something Else?

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By : marco benavides    99 or more times read
As we continue on the path toward relying more and more often on technology, it stands to reason that people would ask whether it is effective to hold an open house. Trends show that people are looking for homes online more and more often. They are relying more and more often on Internet resources, and they are forgoing traditional home buying methods.

This is becoming ever more apparent to real estate agents, many of whom simply refuse to hold an open house. Some real estate agents will only hold an open house if a client flatly insists on having it. Otherwise, real estate agents would rather rely on other methods to draw buyers to homes that are listed on the real estate market.

There are other agents who have been quite open and honest and have admitted that they only use open houses to drum up more business, not necessarily to sell the open house. These real estate agents will not pass up the opportunity to sell the open house, but their primary reason is to look for more business.

There are some real estate agents who view an open house as a security threat. Since you cannot control who has access to the open house, they feel it is unsafe. An open house is an invitation to petty thieves and other criminals to go through the house and see what they can walk away with. That is not to say that everyone walking through the house is a criminal, but the potential for criminals to walk through and case your house is there.

Before the age of technology, one of the indispensable things in real estate was to hold an open house. However, an open house is no longer indispensable since many buyers already have a neighborhood, a specific area and specific homes in mind when they decide they want to buy a house. There is a lot of research being conducted online, and there is a plethora of information available to those who decide to spend some time searching.

People will eventually have to go out and look at a home because pictures and descriptions on the Internet will not tell you everything you need to know about a particular house. But the point is that people are now spending time building a list of homes they want to go take a look at, which is really very good time management.

There are less and less people who will get into a car and go drive around and look for open houses. Since there is so much information available online, there is much less need to do so. Driving around consumes both time and money, and there always seems to be less of each available.

Therefore, as buyers become more savvy, they also become better at marshalling their resources and setting a specific home buying agenda. As more consumers write down their home buying needs and make plans, the need for open house becomes less and less. There may still be a place for open house, but the trend seems to be going toward an open house not being very useful.
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