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A burglary is one of the most common yet easiest crimes to prevent. In the United States, burglaries are committed every fifteen seconds. We often hear of the value of the stolen property but seldom the emotional wound it leaves behind. A break-in, even if it happens without you there, produces a major blow on you and your family’s sense of security.

There are many ways you can keep your home safe. Following are steps on how to keep your home and family safe.

Steps to a Safer Home:

  1. Do not publicize that you are away. Thieves are always looking for homes left unoccupied. If you make your home look occupied when you are not around, most burglars will pass it by. To do this, you can use automatic light timers throughout your house and have them turn on and off in a way that stimulates your normal patterns. Look for those with battery backup so the timer will not stop when the power is off. A timer with more than one on and off cycle provides a notion of movement from room to room. The same design can also be used to turn radios and TVs on and off. Keep the ringer of your phone down so those outside will be unable to hear it ring and find out that no one is inside to answer it.

    Have your lawn or the snow removed from walks and lawn if you are going away longer. Do not stop your newspaper and mail delivery but ask your neighbour to pick and hold them while you are away. Never leave a note on your door saying you are away since this is a “come in” invitation to thieves.

  2. Always lock your windows and doors and never hide the house key outside where it can be found easily. Try using solid core or metal doors with good quality dead locks. Look for those with an ANSI grade I rating. They should possess a horizontal bolt that is at least one inch long. A shorter bolt allows a burglar to use tools to spread open the doorframe and unlock your door. Consider locks with anti-drill feature with hardened steel chips inside that breaks a drill in case a burglar wants to drill through it and those with anti-saw pin that makes it difficult to saw with the use of a hacksaw.

    A window or a glass panel that is closer to the lock should be reinforced with invisible security film to unable an intruder to break the glass and reach through the door lock. Attach alarm systems to the windows and have locks that work from the inside. Strengthen the windows by coating an impact-resistant film.

  3. Cut tree limbs hanging, take away lower tree branches next to your home. Trim down or remove back shrubbery next to your windows and doors. Illuminate the main entrance with a fixture with two bulbs or two fixtures and use security lighting for every door.

    Use outside lighting that has motion detectors for your drive, yard and other areas outside. A burglar will unlikely break in your home if a light comes in every time someone approaches. The side and back of your house offers a cover-up for a burglar. Make sure to ensure every entrance and refrain from using too tall fences since they offer more coverage.

  4. Installing a Home Security Alarm System is not a sure guarantee that robbers will not enter your home, but it will make it hard for them by increasing their risk of being caught. If it is noticeable that your home is alarmed, a burglar may choose an easier target. Consider glass-break sensors that set off alarm if a window or glass door is being broken.

  5. The best home security you can get is knowing your neighbors. Take time to meet them so you can ask them to keep an eye on your home if you are not around. If your neighborhood does not have a watch program, you might consider organizing one. Many law enforcement agencies have people on hand who can help you plan and organize a watch program to protect not just your possession but your family as well.
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