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Investing in Costa Rican Real Estate, Final Thoughts

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By : Bret Dudl    99 or more times read
Investing in real estate for your retirement may serve as a means to diversify your retirement portfolio. You now have a way to hedge against the cyclical changes in the stock market, bonds, the economy, and bank and government based investments. Land and property are loosely correlated to the stock market; the value of real estate tends to rise when stocks are going down.

Real estate is the ultimate hard asset. There are no corporate and accounting scandals. It is a tangible asset, and not just a paper certificate. There is great downside protection because real estate inherently maintains value, as contrasted with stocks, where the entire investment could go to zero!

Tourism has become Costa Rica’s leading industry. The government has encouraged environmentally responsible development. The country is ranked #1 in the world for eco-tourism. Significant development began in the north Pacific region, when the government began operation of the international airport in Liberia in 1995. Prior to the global real estate downturn, property values in the north jumped in some locales by 2000% in the last 10 years (3000% near the new airport) as vacationers and vacation home buyers had easy access to air transportation.

With a new golf course, many restaurants, retail and rooftops coming out of the ground, the southern pacific zone in Costa Rica very well may be the cure to any unhealthy real estate portfolio.

Now consider all of these factors, the current domestic and economic data, the Baby Boomer demographics and the need to diversify out of the falling dollar and into appreciating hard assets. The choice is clear. Investing in the right international real estate is a smart way to diversify your retirement portfolio! And, investing in Costa Rican real estate is your best option!
Bret G. Dudl is a serial entrepreneur. He is leading a team of professionals whom are passionate about health, wellness, and the active coastal lifestyle in Costa Rica and its possibilities for a vacation home. For more information visit here: Investing in Costa Rican Real Estate

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