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Finding the Right Neighborhood

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By : Greg Smith    99 or more times read
So, you're thinking about moving home? Maybe you need more room to accommodate a growing family or perhaps you are sizing down now that the kids have moved on? You may have been offered a job in another town and are leaving all that you've ever known for a strange new land?

There are many reasons why we might be thinking of relocation and it's worth spending time looking into any prospective new neighborhoods in detail before making any life-changing decisions.

If you have children, being close to a good school is probably high on your list of requirements or it may be that you enjoy nothing better than a round of golf and are looking to buy a place within putting distance of your favorite course. A keen fisherman may want to be in sight of a favorite salmon river or similarly, a dog owner near to a park, a hiker or mountain bike enthusiast just a short distance to some great trails, and so on. Many of us are increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and it might be important to be within walking distance of our workplace or local stores in an effort to reduce our daily reliance on the car.

Okay, so you've identified the things you do want from a neighborhood, but don't forget to check the possible negatives that may be lurking behind the facade of what appears to be your dream location.

Consider having a chat with residents and see what they have to say about the area, and indeed the house you maybe looking at. They may have spotted repeat visits from the Pest-Off van over the years or be aware of serious flooding issues at the property. They may be able to warn you of some less than community-minded local inhabitants.

Of course, you will need to look into the possibility of even greater long-term threats. Check to see if planning permission has been granted to build an intensive pig farm down the road, or if a new highway has been scheduled to cut a swathe through the lovely view you were planning on enjoying from the deck of your new home.

So, when you start looking at new homes, don't just look for the positives but bear in mind the potential problems too. Do a little background work on the immediate area and who knows, you might just save yourself a whole heap of headaches in the future.
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