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Relocating Pets - Tips for their Adjustments

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By : Vicki Hat    99 or more times read
Being relocated is exciting but also stressful. A whole new thing is expected to happen. You and your family would be exposed to new things. And all of these are expected to create a change that can bring betterment to you and to them. All it takes is adjustment and healthy coping mechanisms.

However, you must know that during relocation, it is not only you who is in need of serious adjustments. Your pet too needs to do this, especially if it is a four-legged creature like cats and dogs. You will know if they are not adjusted if they start behaving abnormally. They can even have weird reactions to certain things. If this goes on and on, you might have to help them adjust. It is your responsibility to do various interventions to help them feel comfortable to the new place or else your own comfort and convenience would be at risk as well.

Here are some tips to help your pets adjust:

  1. Since the surroundings are new, your cats and dogs must be tied with a long rope, so that they can walk around freely in the backyard without the risk of losing them. If you do not want to put them on a leash, you may try putting a collar on them with a locator so that you will know where your pet is currently located.

  2. Always put a collar on your pets and have your name and contact number written on it. In case your pet is lost, the finders would be able to return them to you safely.

  3. Give them their own space. If it is a dog, prepare their doghouse and their sleeping area. If it is a cat, make their sleeping bed. Keep their litter boxes close to them as well. As for dogs, they may have their own place for elimination; just make sure it is out of the house.

  4. Ensure that the things that make them comfortable are readily available. This includes food, water, toys and other treats.

  5. Train your pets. The new place may be confusing for them. Hence, you have to define areas where they can go and cannot enter. You may also want to make markers where they can do a certain thing. Pets should be constantly guided so that they will know what to do in their new place.

You need to have patience if you want your pets to adjust. It will also take some keen observations to know if they have properly adjusted. However, if your move has caused aggression to your babies, you may want to take them to the vet. They may need some relaxants and they could be possibly re-trained and re-oriented to the place. Just give them time to adjust. That is all what it takes to bring them back to their normal behaviors. Just like humans, they need to be pampered and guided. So do this for them if you want a fast adjustment period.

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