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The Psychology Of Using Door Surrounds To Increase The Value Of A Property

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By : William Penworthy    99 or more times read
Having door surrounds fitted to the exterior of your property is one of the quickest, most affordable and most convenient ways of adding tremendous value and curb appeal, as well as making your property stand out for all the right reasons.

Today's housing market is not merely fiercely competitive - it's enough to give many homeowners the feeling that it simply isn't worth it. Many people have given up trying to sell their home, and have resigned themselves to leaving it for a few more months before trying again.

But whilst it is easy to feel disheartened, the truth is that property prices are rising slowly once again, and the housing market is recovering. There are people out there who want to buy your home. The problem is that they're just being extra picky, and looking for the best possible value for their budget.

This means looking for properties which stand out, which have something extra, which look a bit special, feel a bit larger, and which give them a real feeling of value. Door surrounds, and in particular GRP door surrounds are a particularly effective way of doing this, although you'd be forgiven for wondering why.

At first glance it doesn't seem as though the concept of door surrounds or pilasters could in any real way make a significant difference, but it's about psychology as much as anything else. If something looks attractive, cared for, a little different, a little larger and a little more special, then it's likely to get a second look at least. That's half the problem with selling your home these days - not the second look, but just getting the first look.

If you browse any estate agent's window you'll see scores of properties for sale. With so many similar properties competing for attention it's often the little differences which make people decide to view one property over another.

Door surrounds could well be that difference, and if it gets people to view your property, you've made very significant progress, and have already beaten quite a proportion of the local competition.

But how do door surrounds achieve this effect? What are the psychological reasons behind the benefit of fitting door surrounds to the exterior of your property, and above all, how can door surrounds make your home look bigger? Surely that's stretching it a little?

The truth is that GRP door surrounds more than live up to their reputation, despite being apparently fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But think about the pictures you hang on the wall. Whether it is a family photograph or an original Renoir, you'd never just hang it on the wall as it is. The first thing you'd do is to make sure that it was framed.

The frame itself would be carefully chosen to complement the picture. Only then would you hang it for display. Door surrounds work in a similar way - they help to frame your doors, making them look more refined, more complete and more special.

Although few people pay conscious attention to the frames, they do see them subconsciously, and would very much notice if you didn't use a frame at all. The same is true with your exterior doors - although people might not stop to stare at and admire your GRP door surrounds, they'll be noticed, helping to draw attention to your front door.

A framed picture calls attention to itself, inviting you to look. A framed front door does the same thing - and this is, after all, exactly what you're trying to achieve when selling your house.

As far as the concept of door surrounds making a property seem bigger, this is based on proven psychology. For some reason we tend to make assumptions about the size of a property based on the size and dimensions of the front door.

Quite why this is so unclear - perhaps because larger homes tend to have larger doors, with smaller, terraced properties having much narrower doors. But by fitting door surrounds to your property you actually make the door itself appear much larger.

This is the same psychological method used by stage magicians to hide assistants in boxes that seem impossibly small. By making your door appear larger, your entire property seems to grow a little, giving your home the edge when it comes to getting it noticed within the property market.

Within the space of a morning or an afternoon you could have GRP door surrounds fitted that really will help add value to your home, and get your home noticed for all the right reasons.
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