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Buyers Should Take Note of the Advantages of Condo Living

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If you are a prospective home buyer, then you should take note of the advantages of condo living. Condo living is not right for everyone, and it is much different than living in a detached home that was built for a single family. If you value privacy, swimming in your own pool, laying out in your own backyard, or even barbecuing with your family and only friends you have invited, then condo living is not the life for you. The benefits that condo living has to offer would be outweighed by the things you need, want and enjoy if you value privacy above all else. Nothing can provide privacy and doing with your house and your yard as you wish like a detached, single family unit.

The fact is that when you buy a condo what you actually get title to is the space within your four walls and everything that is in it. But you may have to share common walls, your floor might someone else's ceiling, and that your ceiling might be someone else's floor, so you would have to take note of those factors. If you start hammering in nails to put up pictures, you may be disturbing the person next door, so you have to act accordingly. It is the same thing if you have rambunctious kids who like to jump up and down, and that will definitely disturb the downstairs neighbor, unless you install thick carpeting with lots of padding.

Everything that is outside your four walls, and that would include green areas, hallways, roof, basement, gyms, pool, spa, tennis courts, recreation room and anything else that is defined as a common area by the condo association is a common area to owned and shared collectively, and to be maintained by the fees paid by each owner to the association.

A distinct advantage to condo living is that they are generally less costly than single family homes, and you will not have to worry about maintenance if you have an effective condo association. Condos are usually built close to the center of town, and this makes it much simpler to get to work if you live in the city. You will save in travel time and fuel by getting a condo downtown as opposed to living an hour away in the suburbs.

You will be close to shopping, theaters, entertainment, dining, supermarkets, schools and many other things that home buyers look for when they are considering a purchase. You will also have the added advantage of the security provided by people living all around you and sharing common spaces. Condo associations sometimes provide extra security, which is paid for by the dues. If you live in building, you might also have a doorman and a person in a reception desk in the lobby, and that also adds to security.

You might have many amenities in your condo like swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis, gyms, tennis courts, recreation centers, and other common areas. If you were to pay for a home with all of those amenities, the price would really go up, and just try to imagine what the maintenance bill would be if you had to pay to maintain all of those things yourself.
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