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Things to Expect at a Home Inspection

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If you are trying to sell your house, or you are looking for a house to purchase, a home inspection is vital and is a good real estate investment. If you are selling your home, an inspection means additional peace of mind and means a positive home sale. If you are a homebuyer, the home inspection can save you money on repairs of the home later on. Usually, an inspector will look for the usual things during an inspection. Nevertheless, bear in mind that just like other businesses, some may not be as thorough as compared to others.

An inspection normally takes two to four hours, depending on the size of your property. You should be around during the inspection so you can make note of defects and repairs needed. A good home inspector will check your home from top to bottom, inside and out. Following are some of the things that you can expect to be checked during an inspection:

  1. The condition of your roof
  2. The foundation of your house
  3. The Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
  4. The airflow and ventilation throughout your house
  5. Ceilings, floors and walkways
  6. The attic or any crawlspace in your home
  7. The chimney, if applicable
  8. The plumbing systems
  9. The electrical systems in your home
  10. Presence of pests or termites

An inspection is not a sure guarantee or assurance of the home from damage later on. There is no warranty that it will find all faults in a home, but the certificate issued is a great help in taking care of several issues like trying to get a loan equity or trying to sell your property.
After a home inspection is performed, the home inspector should be able to give you a complete list of items recommended for repairs. He or she should also inform you if these items can be addressed by yourself of by a professional to take care of the job for you.

While it is true that a licensed inspector can find defects in your home, one cannot always be assured of the credential of a professional when hired. In spite of the experience, some inspectors are deficient in some maturity and skills needed in a more advanced home inspection. The only assurance is for you to hire a professional from a well-established company that will ensure accurate inspection reports. This helps you to have an advanced knowledge of the final report of your home.

There are several things that your home or a home will undertake an inspection. If you are selling your house, it is necessary to be able to present your home well in the real estate market. If you are buying a house, it is also very important and could be a prerequisite before you are issued certain policies or paying for claims. Home inspections are strongly recommended especially if you are trying to purchase a house. It is a means of protecting your investment and avoid unexpected costs of repairs and replacements later.
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